Friday, 17 October 2014

Where Are you Now?

Where Are you Now?

Look at you, looking at yourself
No real sickness, perfect health
No reason to be stuck on a shelf
Except a missing sense of self

Who are you? The question flows,
Into your ears and out your nose
Exhaled once, your eyes are closed
Then opened, and looking to and fro

And once more you repeat
Like music from a sheet
The story memorised so neat
To satisfy with words so sweet

You're doing fine, just on a break
Yes, you know what is at stake
You know that you just have to make
An effort, then you will be great

And you could change it all today
You could leap up from your chair,
You could go outside and find the place
That's waiting for you there
Yes you could make a change right now
It's easy, don't you see?
Get up, go on, it's time, it's out
Just climb down from your tree

You once sat on mountains high
Watching life just pass you by
You had no cares, were doing fine
No fear of falling from the sky

But life caught up with you too soon,
And stood you there, outside a room
Within was dark, but in the gloom
You're told it smells of sweet perfume

And though you heard from every side
That there's no need to run, or hide
Your resistance only multiplied
For fear that you'd be trapped inside

Yet nonetheless, the door remained
Unclosed, in case your mind would change
And so you sat there, feeling strained
Neither option called your name

But you could change it all right now
You could get up off the ground,
You could join along with any crowd
I'm sure they'd all be proud
Yes you could make a choice right now
You're absolutely free
The moment's here, no need for doubt
Just climb down from your tree

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